Custom Clearance

Our company was established in 1951 as Custom House Agent and we received our CHA License No:11/355 from Mumbai Custom House in 1963, and so we have experience of over 5 decades in Custom Clearance. We have offices in Mulund, Mumbai, and Mundra, Gujarat. Our professionals have the expertise and thorough knowledge of the Import-Export policy and provisions of various schemes. We are equipped with state of the art Visual Impex system through which documents are filed online. We handle clearing jobs of many Limited Companies and all are satisfied with our services.

Key Features of our
Custom Clearance Service

- Custom documentation
- Examination and forwarding services
- Export customs clearance
- Import customs clearance
- Carting / Receiving goods
- Shifting and movement of containers
- Timely Notification to Clients, regarding the
progress of their Shipment.
- Process driven approach, to ensure
high efficiency

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